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Rob Chant

Rob Chant

Age: 38 Date of birth: — Gender: male Email address: —

Is it cheesy to say I’m the boss? I’m the boss.

I wrote my first playable game (a version of the classic snakes format) at the age of 14 or so, under MSDOS in C and Assembler. The process took so much out of me that I’ve only now been able to turn my attention to games again…

Blog posts

cpd changelog 29-01-17

Choosing your poison…

cpd changelog 08-01-17

A quick note on progress.

cpd changelog 30-10-16

Got a piece of content that’s been a very long time coming here!

cpd changelog 17-10-16

A big overhaul for Zane, a key NPC.

cpd changelog 19-09-16

Lots of new stuff happening, but just a couple of new story lines in this update.

cpd changelog 17-07-16

A load of random new things.

cpd changelog 30-05-16

Irene Ex Machina.

cpd changelog 02-05-16

New equipment… mostly.

cpd changelog 10-04-16

A few new bits and bobs. Clothing, moods, medical procedures.

cpd changelog 28-03-16

Big update to lore in the game, by way of the noodle bar.

cpd changelog 20-03-16

Pen and paper: another fairly small one in terms of new content, but lots of tweaks behind the scenes.

cpd changelog 13-03-16

A load of smaller items this time; mostly mechanics but some new things to do too.

cpd changelog 06-03-16

Just a quick update this time – mainly bug fixes and balance changes.

cpd changelog 28-02-16

Lots of new bits and bobs as well as some tidying up.

cpd changelog 21-02-16

The Shark: a new case you can run.

cpd changelog 24-01-16

Introducing new vehicles and vehicle stats to the game.

cpd changelog 17-01-16

We’ve got a chunky new update: Trash talk

cpd changelog 06-12-15

Lots of guns!

cpd changelog 29-11-15

A small update after a bit of a hiatus. Getting back in the swing of things.

cpd changelog 08-11-15

Dirty Epic – a massive new update for the NPC Ann.

cpd changelog 20-10-15

Minor tweaks and updates.

cpd changelog » 04-10-15

Just a small update and some bug fixes this time.

cpd changelog » 27-09-15

Bodies, war and more war.

cpd changelog » 13-09-15

The latest batches of changes to our cRPG browser game.

cyberpunkdreams: ongoing development

Quick notes on our latest game project.

Announcing: cyberpunkdreams

Introducing our latest and largest game project; an interactive narrative built on StoryNexus.

Late Night Games launched!

New site, blog and company on-line and ready to go.


No games played yet! :(