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cpd changelog 08-11-15

08:17am, 10/11/15
Written by Rob Chant

    Dirty Epic
  • This is an absolutely massive new load of content for Ann.

  • Many, many bugs and copy problems in the post-Pimps and prostitutes situation sorted out.

  • Other details and corner cases dealt with.

  • Proper continuation for the situation of saving her from death at the hands of Zane.

  • Some continuation material if you were living with her and she died at Zane’s hands.

  • New conversation options.

  • Ann’s got something on her mind has been totally reworked. It’s now huge, with about 45 branches.

  • New dynamic card if you’re living with her. You can now also move her between your places if you need to.

  • New card for if you’re in a relationship with her.

  • Ann in general now uses the Credit/… system for growing contact. All characters will go this way eventually.

  • Numerous new small sub-plots and other activities.

  • Ann’s sex scene has been reworked to be more dynamic and offer more options. Yes, yes, this is obviously the important bit.

  • If you’ve slept with someone, you’ll now get the benefit of Pillow talk.

  • You’ll also get the benefit of Post-coital bliss. This is similar to drug influences reactions will differ from character to character. It’s also different for male and female characters.

  • Sex effects have generally been reworked and normalised across the board.

  • There are still some mechanics to come for Ann, plus at least a couple more large plot-lines in future.

  • If you were brave enough to support Zane during the inevitable conflict, you will be rewarded before long.

  • And if you got Ann killed – be more careful next time!


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