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cpd changelog 06-12-15

03:06am, 08/12/15
Written by Rob Chant

    Gunned up
  • This is a big update to how weapons and ammo are bought and sold; partially still in progress. It only applies to handguns so far, but other types will follow.
  • Handguns are now generally bought and found instead of individual weapons. These are then sorted into specifics, much as you’d do with your spikes.

  • Handguns are now bundled for selling and otherwise passing on, again as with other goods. This is intended to make life easier, i.e. you can give someone a generic bundled handgun instead of needing to find the specific weapon. Specifics are still sometimes required for some weapons.

  • Several new types of handgun.
  • Ammo now uses the same system as spikes: assorted ammo is sorted, action free, into general types, which are then sorted into specifics or turned into bundles for selling.

  • Several new ammo types.
  • Sortable goods are now in their own slot, Gear.

  • There’s now a new randomised, regular card in the slums.
  • There have been a lot of changes to comply with the new limits on living stories in StoryNexus, most purely mechanics and many for the better. The most noticeable is Going down, a new card in Life. Survival. that allows stories to develop using the day counter instead of living stories.
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes, tweaks and typo corrections.


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