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cpd changelog 17-01-16

07:44am, 19/01/16
Written by Rob Chant

    Trash talk
  • New area: Cinci dump

  • This area comes with all the usual stuff (rumours, sweat and toil, going deep, hired help, etc). It’s primarily aimed at newer characters but should have some value for everyone. It’s quite harsh on physical menaces but there are no hostilities at all.
  • New job: Junk dealer

  • Get the job in the dump, but pursue activities for it all over Cinci.
  • You can now create and work with logistics teams in the slums and dump.

  • You can now shop at Bob’s tools in the slums. Pretty much all the equipment and tools you might need, but at high commercial prices.
  • You can now swap gasoline for fuel ethanol at The chop shop if you know Dusty well enough.

  • You can now consume dry rations straight from your inventory.

  • You can now Go deeper into the Projects.


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