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cpd changelog 13-03-16

05:20am, 14/03/16
Written by Rob Chant

    New content release
  • The ubiquitous flick knives have been replaced by more generic knives: sortable, bundleable, etc. There are 11 new knives to find (although they’re mostly not usable yet).

  • You can now freebase cocaine, as well as bundling it directly from your inventory.

  • You can now find a regular cocaine dealer by working the streets.

  • There’s a new option on Your new implant.

  • The good doctor can now deal with seeping wounds even if you’re not otherwise injured.

  • You can now get rid of no distractions via Manage your life.

  • No addictions now only triggers if you actually have an addiction.

  • If you’re running an investigation, you can now turn clues into rumours in some situations.

  • There are now some notes on The Shark.

  • You can now run errands at Cheap Hotel. 12 different mini-missions in total.

  • Four new things to buy from Street sellers in the slums (including some stuff that’s completely new).

  • Plus a lot of small tweaks, bug fixes and corrected typos.


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