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cpd changelog 20-03-16

10:50am, 21/03/16
Written by Rob Chant

    New content release: Pen and paper

  • You can now start and write a diary.

  • You can now respond to intense situations. (Just sexual ones so far.)

  • Need has been completely corrected and re-balanced. (Finally.)

  • Sealed boxes have been shuffled around and properly finished off. There should be more diversity in results now. (And more to come.)

  • You will now have to work with your familiarity with each area in order to maintain it.

  • It is no longer possible to raise familiarity above 10 in any area by using rumours alone.

  • If you’ve rented a coffin at Cheap Hotel you’ll now see something about it in Life. Survival. now and then.

  • Bad shit’s been in there for a while, but almost never appeared. Fixed.

  • Plus the usual reams of small tweaks, bug fixes and corrected typos.


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