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cpd changelog 17-07-16

04:00pm, 18/07/16
Written by Rob Chant

    Junked up
  • There’s a new contract available in the junk trade.

  • Numerous other tweaks and fixed to the junk dealing system.

  • You can now buy and sell Heavy loads at the dump.

  • People watching, a new temperament-based opportunity at the dump.

  • Facilities are now available at the dump.

  • There’s now a male on male sexual opportunity available. (At long last!)
  • Several new items to buy, including a new vehicle.

  • Several enhancements at Army surplus. (It should now be a little more worthwhile taking the trip out there.)
  • If your bordertown informers or slums surveillance teams come to you for work, you can now tell them to chill instead.

  • Changed the way that "You don’t know… yet" works on Who are you?. It now gets harder and harder to get a good result the longer you’ve stuck around. (This was because it was basically an exploit before, but caused some players to miss out on content.)

  • The augmentations slot is now applied. Hit the bordertown. (This was a bug that it wasn’t working.)

  • New players now get more of a hint about why they’re here on their first time through.
  • Fixed quite a few typos and bugs.


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