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cpd changelog 17-10-16

09:14am, 17/10/16
Written by Rob Chant

    Zane cometh (part I)
  • Zane is now up to date with the latest character mechanics (using credit, etc.)

  • Talking to Zane and Zane’s got something on his mind have been completely overhauled.

  • There’s now a load of content for you if you used the credit-locked option when raiding Zane’s stash after getting rid of him. It features some unique items, unique mechanics and, in future, a large follow-on story.[Apologies that this was so long coming.

  • If you know Zane well enough, you can now hang at his place. Lots of options and variations here.

  • There’s a completely new NPC, only meetable via Zane’s crew.

  • Two new standalone stories set in Zane’s world.

  • One large new plot arc that determines how your relationship with Zane pans out, post Pimps & prostitutes.

  • Speaking of relationships, you can now start a romantic one with Zane, if you’ve got the right kind of character.

  • There’s now a proper aftermath sequence if you sided with Zane during Pimps & prostitutes.

  • You’ll now get some extra rewards from Zane if you sided with him during Pimps & prostitutes.

  • You can now buy Jax’s juice from Zane if you know him well enough.

  • You can now have proper conversations with Zane.

  • Plus more stuff and more to come.

  • Fixed some more typos. Thanks again for the reports!

  • Tweaked the layout of the quality changes area.

  • Finally figured out a fix for the broken images bug in the quality change area

  • That’s all for now, folks!


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