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Regular updates from everyone on the Late Night Games team – news on our games, general thoughts about gaming and development, other bits and pieces. We have an RSS feed too, if you want to subscribe.

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cpd changelog 08-11-15 10/11/15

Dirty Epic – a massive new update for the NPC Ann. Read more »

cpd changelog 20-10-15 21/10/15

Minor tweaks and updates. Read more »

cpd changelog » 04-10-15 06/10/15

Just a small update and some bug fixes this time. Read more »

cpd changelog » 27-09-15 04/10/15

Bodies, war and more war. Read more »

cpd changelog » 13-09-15 17/09/15

The latest batches of changes to our cRPG browser game. Read more »

cyberpunkdreams: ongoing development 06/09/15

Quick notes on our latest game project. Read more »

Announcing: cyberpunkdreams 07/06/15

Introducing our latest and largest game project; an interactive narrative built on StoryNexus. Read more »