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Announcing: cyberpunkdreams

04:22am, 07/06/15
Written by Rob Chant

Ann, a character from cyberpunkdreams Since autumn 2013, we’ve been working on one large project: a sprawling RPG and interactive narrative game called cyberpunkdreams. Currently in late alpha or early beta, It’s built on the StoryNexus platform. Our tentative public release date is autumn 2015. It’s set in a harsh, gritty cyberpunk world populated by detailed characters and plausible technology.

The concept for cyberpunkdreams began any years ago, as a web-based collaborative fiction project dozens of writers working within one consistent world. This idea never got off the ground originally, but may well see the light of day as a partner project for our StoryNexus release. We also envisage multiple other games, including for desktop and mobile, set within the same world.


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